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Man Ironing

Never Ever Iron Your
Clothes Again When
You Travel!

Unpack and go!

WrinkleEze will protect your shirts, blouses, pants sweaters, jackets and skirts
WrinkeEze takes the hassle and worry out of travel.

WrinkleEze takes the hassle and worry out of travel.

Unpack and GO!


Get a 20% discount on your second order

Free Shipping. Receive a 20% discount on second order.

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Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Takes just seconds to protect your shirts, jackets and pants. No special skills needed.


Arrive in style with wrinkle-free clothes. No worries about ironing or even if there is an iron in your room.

Made to Last
Made to Last

WrinkleEze was made to last for hundreds or trips over your lifetime.

The Many Benefits of WrinkleEze

Save Time
Save Time + Money
Save your Clothes
Preserve Your Clothes
Made in the USA
Made in The USA

See How WrinkleEze Works

We’ll prove it to you just how easy this is to use.

How WrinkleEze works on Shirts
Play Video

How WrinkleEze works on shirts

How WrinkleEze works on pants
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How WrinkleEze works on pants

How WrinkleEze works on jackets
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How WrinkleEze works on jackets


Children in Cambodia

WrinkleEze Has A Mission

Portions of each WrinkleEze
sale helps desperate children


KARC identifies children living at risk throughout the Siem reap Providence of Cambodia. They are in most cases; homeless, orphaned or disabled. 

KARC helps by taking care of basic needs such as food, clothing, health care, dental care and more. In addition, KARC also helps these children to build sustainable housing. It is our hope to raise enough money to build orphanages in this region as well. To learn more about KARD, visit kids-at-risk-cambodia.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, no questions asked.  Ship the product back to us for a full refund. 

Three shirts or blouses.
Three men’s pants or women’s slacks.
Two suit jackets.
Total of 8 items

WrinkleEze weighs less than a pound.  The material is extremely light weight and thin. 

WrinkleEze is durable enough for hundreds of trips. 

WrinkleEze is contrcuted of very lightweight, thin fabric.  It will add very minimal additional volume to your packing.

WrinkleEze is cut to fit an XL but it was designed to be trimmed to fit smaller sizes.  You can easily cut excess WrinkleEze fabric down to fit your clothes sizes exactly as you see fit. 

Simply lay your garment on the appropriate pattern. Now using a pen, draw an outline using the garment as a template. Try to draw at least an inch of distance around the whole new pattern ( being precise will not matter). Now, cut the new pattern following the ink guideline. Once you are done, you will have a “new” pattern for that garment. You can now use your new pattern as a template to trim the other similar oversized patterns.

Yes, but it is best to trim to your size and the WrinkleEze patterns will not fray when cut.  WrinkleEze patterns are designed to be interchangeable amongst any type of clothing.

In Cambodia the poverty is so great that often parents just abandon their children to the streets where they are prayed upon and trafficked.